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Shipping parts from the US?

Do you know of any companies that can re-ship stuff from the USA to Estonia - preferably cheaply (and slowly)?

I need to order some parts from ebay, etc. Shipping by air is insanely expensive, but ordering the parts to a single address in the US and then having them shipped by sea would be a lot cheaper. There are a couple of companies that do exactly this to Finland, (by sea) and (by air), but then I'd have to pick the stuff up from there and also pay higher VAT (24%).

So far I've found this Estonian company - - but if I understood the home page correctly, their idea is to pay for the purchases on the customer's behalf and then charge everything from the customer. Has anyone here used them -- are they any good?

15.01.2013 at 05:19
Shipping parts from the US?
Send an email to Eikki

I'm sure he can help you. He has helped loads of guys and gals from this forum and other car forums in Estonia.

Maalt ja mälestusega hobusest

Ford. At least they circled the problem.
15.01.2013 at 11:36 foorum : In English : Shipping parts from the US?  
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